Engineering Team

NuVinci® AC Prototype

The Company has assembled a world-class engineering team at its Research and Development Center in Cedar Park, Texas (Greater Austin).  The team has a collective total of over 600 years of engineering experience including over 350 years of transmission engineering and over 290 years of traction CVT experience.

Several staff members are considered leading experts in their field, including two senior engineers who worked with Charles Kraus on the development of the half toroidal traction transmission technology currently produced by Nissan Motor Co. and NSK.  Together the team has published more than 20 technical papers; eight of which have been published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE.  A sampling of these SAE, TOPTEC and Global Powertrain Conference papers and/or presentations includes:

  • The Design and Analysis of an Alternative Traction Drive CVT
  • Configuration Analysis of a Special Traction Drive CVT/IVT
  • Performance Simulations of Present and Future Toroidal Type CVTs in SUVs and Light Duty Trucks.
  • Scalability for an Alternative Rolling Traction CVT
  • Listening to the Voice of the Customer: Inertia Dyno Horsepower vs. OEM Rated Net Horsepower
  • CVT Applications for Heavy Duty Vehicles