NuVinci® N171 Bicycle Conversion Kit

"Make Mine NuVinci Smooth!"

Now you can make your favorite bike NuVinci smooth!  The award-winning NuVinci CVP from Fallbrook Technologies is now available in a ready-to-install aftermarket kit or pre-laced in a rear wheel. It’s easy to upgrade an existing bike for a ride like never before. Smooth, quiet, easy… that’s the revolutionary NuVinci experience!

At the present time, only the current N171 model is available in a conversion kit. The new N360 model will be available by August 2010..

Ask your bike dealer for a NuVinci conversion kit (comfort, cruiser, and commuter bicycles are best suited for conversion).  Bicycle dealers in the USA can order the kits from Seattle Bike Supply (SBS) and Quality Bike Products (QBP) or in Canada from Norco Products Ltd. (NORCO). In Europe, bicycle dealers should contact

NuVinci Smooth Cruise CVP™ Features:

Smooth and Easy Shifting!
Always in the Right “Gear”!
No More Chains Coming Off!
A Wider Ratio Range than Shimano or SRAM internal geared hubs!
Maintenance-Free Drivetrain!
6-Year Drivetrain Warranty* – Three Times the Competiton! (some limitations apply)
NuVinci Chain Tensioner
135mm vertical drop-out frames can be converted to accept the five-time award-winning NuVinci CVP (For vertical drop-out configurations without a concentric bottom bracket).
Low Cost
Corrosion Free Stainless Steel
Sealed Roller Bearings
Very Quiet Operation
Integrates well with bike designs






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